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Yossef TOUITOU et  Eric LLUBET, vous accompagnent au quotidien, dans les projets de rénovation de vos pierres.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the renovation and sublimation of natural stones, we put our expertise at your service.
Palaces, luxury hotels, luxury establishments or businesses,
we will respond to each of your requests.

Our teams crisscross the Middle East, with the aim of sharing our know-how and satisfying you

la rénovation & l'entretien de votre interieur 
C'est aussi notre métier  

L'équipe Even Clean met également son savoir-faire au service des particuliers soucieux de leur intérieur.
Maison de ville ou appartement, nous rénovons votre bien dans un délais rapidement. 
Envie d'un rafraîchissement après un déménagement, des travaux ou tout simplement pour le plaisir, faites appel à notre équipe

Our achievements
focus sur nos travaux de sublimation 

 Robust and fragile - What is behind the marble?

Its name comes from the Greek, "marmaros" meaning "rocky block".
Marble is a natural stone, timeless and therefore timeless. Stability qualifies it!

Marble is a reassuring, safe and solid material comparable to rough rock.

It is a limestone with many uses. It dresses our bathrooms, our floors, our walls and even our furniture. It has always been associated with decorative and statuary art, and has been used in the most beautiful constructions around the world.

Whether it comes from countries in Europe or closer, from the Pyrenees or the Alps, from quarries in northern France or even from Belgium (green marble quarries, blue stone from Hainaut, etc.). It is available.
There are many derivatives of this material: Travertine, Comblanchien or even Granite.

The most modern and trendy spaces take hold of him; marble inspires beauty and luxury. Prestigious but exclusive, marble never leaves our palaces, large hotels and our houses.

It is a rare, heavy, fragile and precious material that only professionals know how to work and renovate.

Surround yourself with an experienced team to enhance it and maintain it in accordance with the rules of the art. The companyEven Clean at your service.

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